Denver Learning Disability Assessments

You keep hearing that your child is “fine” but you know that something is wrong. We believe you, your child isn’t fine. He or she is extraordinary and just happens to be struggling.

We can help you figure out why, and what to do next.

Why Get an Evaluation?

A comprehensive educational assessment can help you gain insight into your child's academic strengths and weaknesses. This profile of scores will determine what type of intervention or support will be most effective.

You will learn if a specific learning disability is impacting your child's academic growth. A formal diagnosis will allow your child to qualify for services such as a 504 Plan or supports through programs like Learning Ally or Bookshare. These assessments meet the requirements to qualify eligible students for ACT/SAT accommodations.

What Type of Evaluations Do You Offer?

We offer psychoeducational assessments with a focus on literacy (dyslexia diagnosis), writing (dysgraphia diagnosis), and a comprehensive evaluation to look at a range of academic skills including language, reading, writing, mathematics, and executive functioning abilities.

Need Specific Tests?

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Curious about the process?

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How Does It Work?

We offer several options for testing based on your specific needs. We can also tailor evaluations to meet your child's specific needs.

You and your child will come into the office where your child will complete a battery of assessments. These assessments are provided face to face, not on a computer. Following the evaluation we will talk about the results and begin creating your plan for next steps.

We will write a comprehensive evaluation report outlining relevant background information, testing results and interpretation, treatment recommendations, and academic/family recommendations.

Not Sure Which Option You Need?

Or are you wondering if an evaluation is the right first step?

Literacy Evaluation (Dyslexia)

This assessment is designed to evaluate reading and writing skills to determine whether any literacy related deficits exist. We will assess your child's ability to:

  • Identify the sound structure of oral language
  • Recall sounds, syllables, words, digits and letters
  • Understand the sound-symbol relationship
  • Use symbol-sound associations to identify (read – pronounce) real words and nonsense words
  • Read accurately, at a story-telling pace, words in isolation and paragraphs
  • Spell and write at the single word level, sentence level, and at the paragraph level.

This evaluation can be paired together with testing you have received from the school in order to diagnose dyslexia.

The cost of this evaluation is $495.00

Written Language Evaluation (Dysgraphia)

This assessment is designed to evaluate written language, visual processing abilities, and fine motor skills necessary for academic success. We will assess your child's ability to:

  • Form appropriate letter and number patterns
  • Coordinate fine motor movements
  • Write thematically appropriate pieces at the sentence and paragraph levels
  • Write with age-appropriate fluency
  • Write with contextual conventions including mechanics, spelling, and handwriting.
  • We will compare these abilities to other academic abilities to determine where the breakdown is occurring.

This evaluation can diagnose dysgraphia if present.

The cost of this evaluation is $400.00

Comprehensive Educational Evaluation

This assessment is designed to evaluate:

  • Oral language (expressive and receptive)
  • Reading skills (decoding, fluency, and comprehension)
  • Mathematic skills (operations, mathematic problem solving, and fluency)
  • Writing skills (spelling, sentence and essay composition)
  • Academic Processing Skills
  • Nonverbal Problem Solving

This evaulation digs into the foundational and necessary building blocks of all academic areas and provides a picture of a child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

This evaluation is used to evaluate dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia and is a good choice if you would like to look at multiple areas of academic functioning. This is a good option if you do not have any previous standardized assessment testing from the school.

The cost of this evaluation is $850.00

Early Literacy Screening

This assessment will provide information on your child's general academic and language knowledge and reading readiness. You will learn about your child's development in:

  • Spoken language
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

This assessment can help to identify early indicators of possible learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Results from this evaluation can help us guide you in choosing appropriate apps and games to help your child progress academically and can help us determine whether individual therapy/support may help your child progress his or her academic abilities.

The cost of this assessment is $150.00