If You Need Educational Support for Your Child - We Can Help

Navigating the ins and outs of the educational system can be frustrating and exhausting, especially when you are spending a great deal of time trying to support your struggling learner. We can support you with the ins and outs of educational law and interpreting the piles of data you have received from your child's school.

IEP and 504 Plan Support for Learning Disabilities

IEP/504 Plan Support

We have specialized training in assessment data and can work with you to review testing that has been completed through your child's school to determine what accommodations and modifications are best suited to meet your child's individual needs. We can also help to draft potential goals that you can bring back to your child's school - or if you prefer we can attend these high pressure meetings with you.

Classroom Observations to Support Students with Learning Disabilites

Classroom Observation

We offer classroom observations to help determine what is going well in your chid's classroom and what are some areas that could be addressed in order to help your child be most successful. Often teachers want to help but are lacking the necessary and appropriate resources in order to fully understand how to provide the best classroom set-up and instruction to support children with learning difficulties.

Parent Information and Support on Learning Disabilities

Parent Information/Navigation Sessions

Do you need someone to talk to that understands the struggles you are facing dealing with a school-system with limited resources while trying to support a struggling child as much as possible at home?

We understand - we can help give you guidance, tips, and strategies to support your struggling learner at home. We can meet in-person, online, or over the telephone because as parents ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be meeting all the differing demands that are placed on you.

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