In-Person Sessions

We offer in-person one-on-one or small group sessions designed specifically around your child's needs. We offer support in:


We have designed a comprehensive program that moves students through all the core components of a strong multisensory reading program including instruction in phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.



We work to develop strong writing supports from handwriting, to sentence development, to theme development and text organization.




We use the Math-U-See curriculum to support students struggling to develop number sense. We also work on developing working memory strategies and self-monitoring for errors.


Study Skills

We offer Executive Functioning groups that help students understand how to effectively plan and organize their school work to receive the desired outcome. We discuss strategies to support planning, organizing, time management, task initiation, sustained attention, working memory, task flexibility, perseverance, and more.

We typically walk through each of these skills and provide strategies and then have three different forms of follow-up including parent training, student weekly follow-ups, or monthly check-ins to make sure the student is applying their newfound knowledge!

Tutoring for students with specific learning disabilities may be tax deductible according to IRS Publication 502. Additionally, you may be able to use funds from a healthcare flexible spending account. We highly recommend checking with your tax advisor or health plan administrator to determine whether you qualify.

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