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Denver Dyslexia Help


Specific difficulty in decoding, reading fluency, spelling or writing caused by an underlying difficulty processing the sound and letter (phonological and orthographic) patterns in our language.

Study Skills Training

Executive Functioning

Difficulty planning, organizing, and overall strategy in academic and personal life that results in poor grades due to missed assignments or poor study skills.


Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia

Related Learning Disabilities

We support students with dyscalculia (specific difficulty in math) and dysgraphia (specific difficulty in writing) by providing concrete tips and strategies that work.

Colorado Dyslexia Support

Learning doesn't always have to be a struggle. With the right tools and strategies ALL students can reach their educational potential.


We Support Parents

dyslexia advocate

Are you feeling lost in the process? You are not alone.

Do you need help understanding all of the assessments or navigating the IEP/504 Plan System? We've worked with hundreds of families and reviewed thousands of reports - we can help, this is what we do.

You don't have to struggle to navigate the process. Download our free comprehensive road map to help guide your next steps.

We provide

Educational Consultation

We also Support Educators

Are you looking for a better solution to support your at-risk readers? Do you need training or resources to take your student outcomes to the next level?

We provide

We do things differently...we want to help provide a collaborative environment for students, parents, and teachers to come together.

Because...alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. -Helen Keller

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