Professional Development Opportunities

We believe that all educators should be knowledgeable in evidence-based reading practices and the basics of common learning struggles including dyslexia. We offer ongoing professional development opportunities both in-person and online. At the end of your training, after completing the course quiz with a passing score of 90% or better you will receive a certificate of completion that you can use for your continuing education needs.

We are always available within the course platform to answer any questions you may have and to receive real-time communication so that you can make meaningful gains in your knowledge.

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Dyslexia Basics

Did you know that 1 in 5 students are dyslexic? How does that translate to the context of your classroom?

In this one-hour course, you will learn about the signs and symptoms of dyslexia. We will discuss current research, dyslexia indicators, how to interpret assessments or data for hallmarks of dyslexia, and how to talk to parents about this topic.

Online Course - $25

Dyslexia, What’s Next?

What’s next for teachers when they receive a student’s diagnosis of Dyslexia or suspect a student may be Dyslexic? We will discuss classroom accommodations and interventions to support students with dyslexia in literacy, writing, and math. This will include instructional planning and progress monitoring.

Online Course - $25

Teaching Reading: Targeted Instruction for Struggling Readers     

Are you wondering how to reach your struggling readers? Do you have students who are scoring below grade level in literacy? Are you looking for new ways to target these students and increase growth?

This 4-part course guides teachers in creating a tool-kit full of research based strategies and activities to support struggling readers in the classroom and increase student growth. We will analyze the 5 essential elements of literacy: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension as they relate to struggling readers’ needs. We will discuss data gathering and analysis, instructional planning that gives you the tools to provide strategic intervention in the general education classroom, ongoing progress monitoring, and assessment for each element of literacy. Each course component is 1 hour in length. You can take these independently, or as a series.

Part 1: Targeted Instruction for Struggling Readers - Phonemic Awareness

Part 2: Targeted Instruction for Struggling Readers - Phonics

Part 3: Targeted Instruction for Struggling Readers - Fluency & Vocabulary

Part 4: Targeted Instruction for Struggling Readers – Comprehension

Online Courses - $100

The 5 W’s of Progress Monitoring

Does progress monitoring have you stumped? Are you feeling overwhelmed with data tracking and anecdotal notes? In this one-hour course, we will learn the 5 W’s of Progress Monitoring:

Who: Who does progress monitoring help and, who can do it?

What: What does progress monitoring do to enhance instruction and increase growth for my struggling readers? 

Where: Where do I keep all this information, and how do I organize it?

When: When do I fit progress monitoring into my busy day, and when will it help me?

Why: Really, what’s the point?

Online Course & Progress Monitoring Toolkit - $50

Intervention in the General Education Classroom That Works

Are you looking for resources or curriculum that will provide Tier 2 intervention in your general education classroom? Stop using internet worksheets to target your neediest readers! You don’t need to re-create the wheel, either! In this one-hour course, we will share a research-based curriculum full of systematic, explicit lesson plans that bring Orton-Gillingham strategies right into your small group instruction! We will teach you how to implement this resource with no fuss or headache, as well as how to progress monitor the growth of your students while they are immersed in this rich, targeted literacy instruction.

Online Course - $75

(Includes a 3-month subscription to our comprehensive OG curriculum materials)

I’ve Had OG Training, But….Now What?

Have you had a crash course in OG? Are you wondering how to take that knowledge and apply it to your everyday teaching? In this one-hour course, we will connect the dots for you! We will help transfer your OG knowledge into practical, every day planning and practice through lesson plan formatting, a scope and sequence, progress monitoring, and goal setting for your struggling readers.

Online Course - $25

Increasing Engagement for the Struggling Learner

Do you have students who struggle with working memory, fluid reasoning, or processing speed? In this course, you will learn how to differentiate your instruction to increase engagement and provide accommodations for these students. Learn how to make instruction meaningful, easy to retain, and manageable for your struggling learners.

Online Course - $25

Understanding Educational Diagnostics

So, what do all these assessments mean, anyways? Do you ever feel overwhelmed with data and wonder what those scores really mean or how they transfer to learning in the classroom?

This one-hour course translates common assessment data and special education diagnostics into meaningful information that can be used to plan for instruction, accommodations, and interventions in the general education classroom. Learn how to talk to parents about what this data means as well as how to use this information to transform your teaching.

Online Course - $25