Data Tracking with Word Lists

Data tracking with words lists

So we get it, data tracking can be incredibly tedious, and it’s hard to fit in with everything else you are doing. So today, we wanted to share with you one of our favorite resources to help make data tracking a little easier. So first things first,

Why Track Data?!

We try to progress monitor consistently to make sure students are on track with the concepts we are teaching. It is important that we are consistently spiraling back to previously instructed concepts to make sure they are getting it. Therefore, because we are already doing this it makes sense for us to create goals around mastery of words we have explicitly taught.

If you know us by now you know that we LOVE the 6-Syllable Types and if you aren’t familiar, you can check out our blog over here: What’s This About the Six Syllable Types?

So we use the six syllable types to create our goals and monitor progress to see how students are progressing through the scope and sequence we are using. However, at some point we want to make sure they are comfortable reading words of all 6-syllable types. So this resource is a snapshot into how we monitor that data.

Here’s the breakdown:

Step 1:

We print off both an instructor data tracking sheet and and student word reading list.

Step 2:

We determine what interval we would like to be assessing progress. We recommend weekly.

Step 3:

Ask the student to read on of the word lists and only track data on that ONE list. If you have multiple students in a group you can have them all read different lists and track data on everyone…AWESOME!!!

Step 4:

Analyze percent accuracy and see if you have any patterns of weakness in performance.

That’s it! Super simple!!!

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