Dyslexia Symptoms Checklist

Happy Friday, Everyone! We absolutely can not believe that October is already over. Holy moly! With October coming to a close, that means we are also finishing up with Dyslexia Awareness month. Our team was lucky enough to get to travel to the International Dyslexia Association’s National Conference last week - which was AMAZING. So fun to be around so many educators, parents, and professionals who are just as passionate about Dyslexia as we are!

Earlier this week, to wrap up Dyslexia Awareness month, we shared a blog that one of our students wrote about what their journey with Dyslexia has been like. If you haven’t had a chance to read her blog yet, you’ll want to read it now! You can find it here: My Name is Mackenzie, and I am Dyslexic.

So, in honor of Dyslexia Awareness Month coming to a close, we wanted to share our Dyslexia Symptoms Checklist with you today! This checklist highlights hallmarks or traits to look for in the classroom as well as specifics to look for in writing samples. This checklist can’t diagnose Dyslexia, but it can show you what to look for before mentioning your concerns to a parent, or recommending testing.

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