How to Teach the ee/ey Spelling Rule

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Green, keys, these…so many long E sounds!

This week we want to explain how we teach the ee/ey vowel teams.

Both “ee” and “ey” say the long E sound.

We use “ee” in the middle of the word (think green, teen, sneeze) and “ey” at the end of the word (key, monkey, trolley, kidney).

To help our students remember this rule, we use the key words “green” and “key.”

Where students might get stuck with the long E sound:

Magic E and ‘ee’

By this point in their learning journey (if students have been following a systematic and cumulative scope and sequence), students should have learned that Magic E (VCE) syllables can also make a vowel say its long sound in the middle of a word.

A great game to support a students’ ee/ey knowledge

When we are teaching students about the “ee” phonogram, we let them know that this is the more common way to make the long E sound in the middle of a word than a Magic E syllable. Magic E syllables where the first vowel is ‘e’ (i.e. these) are rather uncommon. Words using ‘ee’ to say the long E sound (i.e. green, teen, speed) are much more common.

For the next few weeks we will be diving into how we teach each of the vowel teams! For more information on what a vowel team is, check out our blog": The Reading and Spelling Rules Nobody Taught You: Vowel Teams.

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