Executive Functioning: Perseverance

Executive Functioning Perseverance.png

I want you to take a second and think about your life.  What big challenges have you faced?  How did you overcome them?  What goal were you trying to reach?  

We all have our own struggles and challenges in life that we have to work through in order to reach the goals that we have set for ourselves.  

The ability to stick with something, even when challenges arise and it is tough, is called perseverance.

I am sure that you, as a reader have persevered through some kind of challenge prior to now.  It is a skill that we have all used and heard of, but one that isn’t often explicitly taught.  Today, I want to provide you with some helpful tips that you can practice either yourself, or with your child/students to help get through life’s challenges.  

Tips for Facing Challenges

  • Keep the bigger picture in mind. Remembering your goal and why you started in the first place can help motivate you to finish the task at hand.

  • Listen to yourself. If you are feeling like you are becoming burnt out, you may need a break or a day off. Be honest with yourself and take a break if needed.

  • Remember that you have already made it through every challenge life has given you, and you can make it through this one too.

  • Talk to a trusted source. Are you struggling at work? Talk to a mentor. Is your child struggling at school? Talk to a teacher or a counselor. Talking to someone can allow new insights that you might not have thought of. If the challenge seems far too big to handle on your own, a professional can help guide you through it.

It is important to remember that each challenge is a learning opportunity.  Regardless of the outcome you can learn from your triumphs, your struggles and even your failures.  Goals in life my change, but it is important to work hard to get to where you want to be.  

Perseverance is a critical Executive Functioning Skill. To read more about Executive Functioning, click here.