How to Make Extra Money as a Teacher This Summer

How to make extra money as a teacher. Side Hustles for teachers can help bring in extra income!

One of the biggest frustrations we have is how drastically underpaid and overworked most teachers are. In today’s society, it is a sad reality that many teachers are forced to look for a supplemental form of income just to skate by. Every day, they show up to work, spend their day keeping 25-30 tiny humans alive while trying to impart wisdom on brains that are distracted by Fortnite or Instagram, grade the papers, make the lesson plans, and work far beyond an 8 hour day. We know that this is beyond difficult, so we want to share with you the pros/cons of different summer jobs/income sources!

Part Time Job

This could be at a retail store, as a nanny, as a waitress - whatever you want!


Depending on the position, you might be able to have

  • flexible hours

  • work in an industry you enjoy (I worked in my favorite retail store once and was able to get a discount)

  • Not spending all day away from your family


  • It can be tough to get hired when you have a full time job to go back to in the fall

  • While there is nothing wrong with these positions (we have all held them before and they are a true and honest income!) sometimes it can be a challenge to find the right fit as an adult looking for something more to get through the summer.

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

Think Rodan and Fields or Mary-Kay.


  • This can be done on your time and your terms

  • If you’re good at it, you can stand to make some nice extra cash


  • This can be difficult to actually make the money back for the time you invest unless you’re a great marketer because it can be hard to stand out against all the competition

  • You can really annoy your friends and family if you’re not careful with how you market and promote this type of business

Running a Summer Group or Educational Therapy

We know that the summer slide is a real concern for a lot of the students in our classrooms/schools. Parents are often looking for a summer group for their kids or extra learning therapy over the summer. Seeing clients is a great way to make extra income while helping students and staying in your zone of genius!


  • Flexible Hours - You can set your own schedule so you don’t need to spend the whole day away from your family/you can have time for yourself!

  • You are already in your zone of genius - As a teacher, you already know how to work with students and teach. This is already your skill set.

  • This is a great first step if you have ever considered starting your own tutoring or intervention business. You can think of it as a trial run to see if it is something you love!

  • You get to work in an industry that you enjoy!

  • It is a great way to help students who would otherwise lose all of the progress you worked so hard for this year.


  • If you are looking for a job that you can just “show up, go through the motions and clock out” this probably isn’t for you.

Personally, we find that a “summer side hustle” and running your own summer groups/tutoring sessions is a great fit for teachers if they want to work a few hours at a time, set their own schedule and continue helping kids. While the summer is a great opportunity to get clients and start working on your “side-hustle,” this is also a great way to set yourself up to see clients outside of school (or full-time!) all year long.

Interested in a summer side hustle but not sure it is for you? Check back next week!

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