Is My Child Struggling With Executive Functioning?

Is My Child Struggling With Executive Functioning?

Worried that your child is struggling with skills related to Executive Functioning? Not sure what Executive Functioning is? Looking for answers to help your child succeed?  You're in the right place. 

Executive Functioning is a term that has gained popularity in recent years.  It refers to the skills that we use every single day like planning, paying attention, following directions and emotional regulation. For more information about what Executive Functioning is, you can read our blog, "What is Executive Functioning?" here. 

Executive Functioning at home

Executive Functioning skills are not limited to a single scenario (school, work, home) or age. Here are a few scenarios of how a child's EF struggles will affect them at home. 

My Room is Clean already!

You told your son to clean his room 2 hours ago.  When you see him, he is in the living room playing on his iPad. When you ask if his room is clean, he says "yes" but when you check, it is still a mess. 


You are at the grocery store and your 7-year-old grabs a candy bar in the check out line.  When you ask her to put it back and tell her no, she starts crying and yells "You NEVER let me have anything!"

"Mom! Where is My...."

Your son constantly loses his belongings.  Every day he takes his shoes off by the door, but the next morning he searches frantically and says that he can't find them. 

"One day we were on the swings...her Grandma's name is...What's for dinner?"

Your daughter begins to tell you about something at school and somehow, through a chain of comments that are hard to follow, ends up talking about something else entirely.  

Sound Familiar?

Do these things sound familiar? Executive Functioning struggles present themselves in several different ways.  They can make a child appear lazy, unmotivated or even defiant. 

All month we will be talking about parenting tips and things you can do at home to help support your child's EF development.  Check back next Tuesday for a helpful resource and more information!  

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