3 Ways to Know if a Summer Side Hustle is Right for You

Is a summer side hustle right for me?

Are you a teacher and wondering “is a side hustle right for me?” We get it. Jumping into something new can be scary and intimidating. Before you take the leap, you want to be sure that it can work for you. Keep reading for the 3 ways to know that a side hustle is a fit!

You are willing to put in a little effort in order to get a big return.

Most part time gigs/summer jobs are great for making some extra cash, but (at least in our opinion) they aren’t as worthwhile as your own side hustle. Having something of your own offers immense gratification when it starts to pay off. It takes some effort upfront to get things going, but if you are willing to do the work the results will astound you.

You feel like you were “Made for Something More”

Maybe you are in the classroom all year and you feel like there is more to be done to help these students.

Maybe you feel like the MLMs or babysittng jobs aren’t as fulfilling as you want them to be.

Maybe you have had a side hustle weighing on your heart for a while now.

Whatever that “more” is…we are here to tell you that you can do it! If something has been on your heart and keeps popping up for you - don’t keep pushing it aside. That might just mean that is supposed to be your next step.

You have a “passion project” that could work as a side hustle.

Maybe you have always wanted to be a food blogger or make cute accessories for dogs. If you have an idea of what could turn into a side hustle then make a plan! You can totally do this.

If the dog accessories and tangible products aren’t for you - consider using your teacher expertise! We know that during the summer our students will inevitably face the summer slide, unless they have an academic activity to keep them practicing their skills all summer. And who better to run this kind of thing than a teacher?!

If you are interested in learning about how to avoid the summer slide by building your side hustle, we would love to show you how we did exactly that. Click here to sign up for our free training.

Whatever your side hustle may be - if you are willing to try and give it your all, we know that you can do it.

Because here’s the thing -

We hear it ALL of the time. “I could never run my own business. I don’t have a background in that. I’m just a teacher.”

First of all - “just a teacher?!” That’s not an acceptable statement to us. You are AMAZING and we want to hear you start talking like it!

Second of all - when we started this business, we didn’t have a background either. What we did have was a passion for helping students/educators and a determination to make this work. Trust us, if we could do it - you can to.

Summer Side Hustle Quiz

But, we remember feeling unsure. We remember asking “is this for me?” and “can I actually do this?” (We are human after all). So, we put together this quiz to help you decide if this really is for you.

>>>Click here to download the quiz. <<<

If you decide that this side hustle thing is for you and you are interested in running summer groups this summer (it’s the best thing you could do!) we would love to help you get started. Click here to learn more.