Why Running Summer Groups Will Be The Best Thing You Do This Summer

Why running summer groups or having a summer side hustle will be the best thing you do this year.

Okay, so let’s get real here. A few summers ago we were in the heart of what many teachers face. When the summer months rolled around and our students were on vacation, we were met with an issue. No students meant no revenue. We would go through the entire summer without a consistent stream of money coming in, only to be met with all of our students coming back in the fall having fell victim to what we like to call “the summer slide” and no, we don’t mean at the waterpark.

We knew that when students were'n’t consistently practicing their skills, their progress regressed. That, and the fact that we needed to figure out a way to earn money during the summer sparked an idea…

…what if we ran summer groups?

We jumped in. We figured out how to get clients, we figured out how to take payment and we set up our lesson plans.

For those 3 months, we saw students for a few hours each morning and a week at a time. It was amazing. Students were able to practice their skills over the summer, which meant less regression come fall. We also selfishly loved the fact that we could see students in the morning and then had the rest of the day at our disposal.

Summer groups were the answer we were looking for. We benefitted from the extra money and our students benefited from the extra intervention. It was a win-win.

Here are 3 reasons why running groups will be the best thing you do this summer!

You won’t lose out on your entire summer

When running summer groups, you get to set the schedule (and who doesn’t love the autonomy to be able to do that with their job?!).

You can pick the content you discuss.

Families are looking for all kinds of help over the summer whether it be book clubs, math help, science based activities or general tutoring. Pick an area that you love and run with it.

You get to pay YOURSELF

The amount of groups you are willing and able to run will dictate how much money you can make.

Interested yet?

We know how powerful this can be in your life, which is why we want to help you make it happen! Click here to learn more about our Summer Side Huslte Program!

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