8 Tips For Talking To Your Child About Dyslexia

8 Tips For Talking To Your Child About Dyslexia.png

If you have a child thathas dyslexia, check out our top 8 tips for talking to them about their superpower!

1. Dyslexia is just a word that means you learn differently.

Your brain is wired to receive information in a specific way that can make letters and sounds harder to understand, but pictures and patterns easier.

2. You are smart!

A dyslexic brain is a very smart brain, it’s a different and unique kind of smart! Your brain is wired differently than other people’s. This makes some things hard for you, but it will make some things much easier for you, too!

3. This learning style makes you unique rather than average.

Dyslexia provides more strengths than weaknesses. You have exceptional comprehension skills, you can see patterns that most people can’t, you are an extremely creative thinker and problem solver! People with Dyslexia have average to above average IQs!

4. There are lots of people with dyslexia who have done amazing things.

There are a TON of very successful people with Dyslexia. Click here to check them out!

5. You will learn to read.

Dyslexia can make school feel difficult, but you will learn how to read, write, and spell – you just need to be taught using the right methods.

6. It’s okay to use the word Dyslexia, this doesn’t need to be a secret.

Most times, children are relieved to realize there is a reason they have been struggling in school. A diagnosis is concrete. It explains that their brain is different and erases those worries that they were ‘stupid’ or ‘dumb.’ Empowering your child to understand their Dyslexia helps teach them to self-advocate – which is a necessary lifelong skill. Parents have more fear around the “label” than children do. Don’t make your child feel like this should be a secret, or something they can’t talk about. This is a part of who they are. Help them embrace it, understand it, and see the gifts in it – not be ashamed of it.

7. Give a concrete analogy that might help your child better understand.

Some of my favorite explanations are:  Some people are PCs and others are MACs. They don’t work on the same software but they can both do amazing things.  Dyslexia is like being Left (or Right) handed. It’s just how you are, it’s not right, it’s not wrong, it’s just a part of you.

8. Most importantly, you are so loved!

We love you and we will always support you. We are proud of you and believe in you!

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What are some tips you have for other parents about talking to your child about Dyslexia? Please share in the Comment section below!