Understanding the Necessary Neural Connections for Literacy Acquisition

Understanding the necessary neutral connections for literacy aquisition.jpg

Okay everyone, we’ve got some heavy stuff for you this Friday. But here’s the thing we are super amped up about it right now because we are at the International Dyslexia Association National Conference and just had the opportunity to present this information about our favorite thing since sliced bread.

The Literacy Processing Triangle

Okay, so maybe we are weird because we can totally geek out on this but it’s really revolutionized the way we think about reading and spelling and the process of learning these skills.

Literacy Processing Triangle

We use this triangle to help students and parents understand where breakdowns are occurring, because the bottom line is that breakdowns may be occurring in any of the bases of the triangle. We also use this triangle to understand how to pick relevant reading intervention activities.

We presented an entire presentation on this concept at the National Conference and received a number of requests for the slides we used during that presentation simply for the visuals. So this week we are giving you access to those slides so that you can use the visuals in your setting. If you have questions - reach out! We’d love to hear from you!

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