Understanding the Six Syllable Types - Stable Final Syllables

Stable Final Syllables


Stable Final Syllables or C-L-E syllables are the last of the six syllable types that we introduce to our students at Ascend Learning using Smart ALEC Resources.

What is it?

This is a word that has a consonant followed by le. You will hear a schwa sound /ul/ in these syllables preceding the le. An example is the word table. Notice how the –ble sounded like /bul/? This is due to the schwa sound before the le.

How do I teach it?

We call this the Turtle Rule and teach students that when they spot a word ending in –le, they need to check to see if a consonant comes before the –le. If it does, they have a Consonant-le. We model how to count back 3 to divide this syllable starting at the last letter and counting back.

Step 1 – Spot and dot your vowels


Step 2 – Consonant – l – e Count Back 3


Step 3 – Cover your second syllable while you read the first, then cover the first and read the second. Blend the syllables together.

Details on this syllable type: C-L-E words have at least 2 syllables.

When dividing C-L-E words we start at the end of the word.

Some of our favorite games to use when practicing this syllable type are: C-L-E Collect 3, Syllable Type Sorts Game which are available on our Membership Site and on TPT.

Corey Pollard