We Completely Misunderstood Multi-sensory Instruction...


We have a confession to make.

When we started our Reading Intervention journey, we totally misunderstood what multisensory instruction meant.

We were pretty sure that we needed to be engaging all the senses. We had the sand trays and the shaving cream. We had our students forming letters out of play-doh.

We thought that we were crushing the multisensory thing. We were wrong.

We want to let you in on the secret that changed our lives as interventionists. Multisensory instruction IS a critical piece of a lesson, but it doesn’t have to be as extensive and over-the-top (and messy, quite frankly) as we all thought.

Multisensory instruction is as simple as having your student write a letter, while saying its name and sound.

Research supports multisensory instruction in the sense that you are engaging the students visual sense (seeing the letter they are writing), auditory sense (hearing the sound they are saying) and kinesthetic sense (writing the letter). So, if you were working on the “ck” phonogram, the student should write “ck.”

Multisensory instruction does NOT have to be messy! It does NOT need to be a struggle!

For more information, you can check out our blog, “Multisensory Reading Explained” here, or check out our video tutorial to see an example of multisensory instruction in action!

Mikayla Storey1 Comment