Reading Intervention Year End Data Analysis

We know we are strange but absolutely LOVE data tracking and data analysis. Not joking. Part of the reason we love data is because Data Tracking & Data Analysis are the absolute best way to see how much growth our reading intervention students have made and to see where they need continued practice.

Your data is your road map, your GPS, for literacy intervention. One of the best things we can do is to get a good look at how our students are performing overall. This data will be invaluable to parents, other professionals, and next year’s teacher.

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Making Centers a Part of Your Literacy Routine

I love to provide literacy based centers that reinforce the learning that took place during the small group time. Students rotate through a series of centers where they can work independently (or with a partner at times) to further engage with literacy experiences. 

 If you look at our Suggested Literacy Block schedule, you will note that SMARTER Intervention lends itself nicely to this type of classroom system. 

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Kelly HooverComment
Data Tracking with Word Lists

We try to progress monitor consistently to make sure students are on track with the concepts we are teaching. It is important that we are consistently spiraling back to previously instructed concepts to make sure they are getting it. Therefore, because we are already doing this it makes sense for us to create goals around mastery of words we have explicitly taught.

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Corey PollardComment
The 3 Most Common Mistakes in Data Tracking

So data tracking is one of those necessary evils for all interventionists, special educators, speech language pathologists, teachers…we all can commiserate together.

But it’s one of those things that is just absolutely critical to determine whether or not students are growing and making progress in their intervention setting. We see students who are struggling to read and have gaps and we need to make sure those gaps are in fact closing.

So on top of all the other things we are managing in our reading intervention setting, from behavior management, to lesson introduction and skill targeting, we need to be tracking and monitoring data during our sessions.

Here are the three biggest mistakes we often see when supporting special education teams and interventionists…and no judgement here because we’ve #beenthere. Click through to read more and grab our data tracking sheets.

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This is Why Your Lessons Aren't Sticking

One of the most “eye-opening” moments for me in intervention, was when I had a student come in and ask, “what are the other kinds of letters besides vowels and consonants?” I didn’t understand. He asked again and when I explained that those were the only two kinds of letters, he was AMAZED. I had never thought to explain this to him before because I assumed he knew that there were no other types of letters…and that was the problem.

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Mikayla Storey Comment
How to Target Your Intervention to Get the Best Results

Oh boy, targeted instruction is a big one - so buckle up because we absolutely LOVE this topic. What does it mean to provide targeted literacy instruction? Well, we are so glad you asked. As you already know by now, we are huge fans of using the literacy processing triangle basically everywhere possible. Have you seen it?

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