Denver Learning Disability Assessments

Denver Dyslexia Testing

Why Get an Evaluation?

A comprehensive educational assessment can help you gain insight into your child's academic strengths and weaknesses. This profile of scores will determine what type of intervention or support will be most effective.

You will learn if a specific learning disability is impacting your child's academic growth. A formal diagnosis will allow your child to qualify for services such as a 504 Plan or supports through programs like Learning Ally or Bookshare. These assessments meet the requirements to qualify eligible students for ACT/SAT accommodations.

What Type of Evaluations Do You Offer?

We offer assessments with a focus on

Literacy (Reading/Spelling)

Evaluation for dyslexia or other specific reading disorders - $495


Evaluation for dysgraphia or other specific writing disorders - $400

Comprehensive academics

Evaluation to look at a range of academic skills including language, reading, writing, mathematics, and executive functioning abilities - $850

Early Screening

Evaluation to provide information on early academic functioning to assess potential areas of need for children at risk of a learning disability - $150

Not Sure Which Option You Need?

Or are you wondering if an evaluation is the right first step?

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We will work with you to figure out the best option for your child. We guarantee to get you exactly what you need - even if that means we aren't the best fit.

How Does It Work?

We offer several options for testing based on your specific needs. We can also tailor evaluations to meet your child's specific needs.

You and your child will come into the office where your child will complete a battery of assessments. These assessments are provided face to face, not on a computer. Following the evaluation we will talk about the results and begin creating your plan for next steps.

We will write a comprehensive evaluation report outlining relevant background information, testing results and interpretation, treatment recommendations, and academic/family recommendations.

Curious about the process?

Click here to understand our three step process to scheduling an evaluation.

Need Specific Tests?

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Need help from the school?

Evaluations can be a great starting point as they can help us to understand the academic strengths and struggles that are specific to your child.

We will graph your child's test scores and use that graph to determine what accommodations, modifications, or supports will be most helpful at school.

We truly believe in forming a collaborative relationship with your child's school in order to get your child what he or she needs. 

You keep hearing that your child is “fine” but you know that something is wrong. We believe you, your child isn’t fine. He or she is extraordinary and just happens to be struggling.

We can help you figure out why, and what to do next.

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