What is Educational Consulting?

Educational consulting is the process of creating a plan with the school to get your child what he or she needs to achieve his or her potential.

We Understand

You may feel lost trying to advocate for your child. You're not alone. This is not your area of expertise. That's okay. Navigating this system for students with or suspected of specific learning disabilities is what we do.


Schools have two types of plans they typically use to support students…

504 Plan Development

1. The Individualized Education Program (IEP)

2. A 504 Plan

We can help you understand the process for both types of plans and which, if any, plan for which your child may qualify.


We Can Guide You.

When you work with us you will...

  • Understand the IEP/504 Plan process

  • Understand what the tests being provided mean for your child

  • Understand the options available through the school

  • Have a plan in place for what supports to request from the school

  • Have a set of reasonable goals to provide to the school

  • Understand what the intervention should look like to meet those goals

Getting your child the help he or she needs from the school can seem like a complex process of meetings and testing - because it is.

In order to get your child access to everything he or she needs you need to have an understanding of the process, the testing results, and the options available to you.

Take action today, make sure your child has access to everything he or she needs to be successful.

It's difficult to do this alone. Don't expect the school to provide all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Check out our blog here about the process to getting what you need from the school.