Call us and talk you us about your child and your concerns.

We will listen to your concerns, ask targeted questions to further understand what's going on academically.

If you have a gut feeling that something just isn't quite right, please call, a parent's intuition really is a powerful force that should never be ignored.

Even if everyone is telling you that your child will "develop in his own time" or that "she will get it eventually" it's worth calling to see whether it makes sense to have an assessment.


We will advise you on our recommended next steps.

Based on the information you provide we will let you know whether a private evaluation is the best solution or if going through the school to get the answers you need is the best solution. We guarantee that we will provide you with honest feedback about best next steps...even if we aren't the best solution for your child.

Our number one goal is to help students and families, period.


We will get you on our schedule or get you the information you need to take your next steps.

There are no long wait lists here - if we determine that an evaluation is the best next step we will get you in within the next 1-2 weeks and you will have an in-person feedback session and a comprehensive evaluation report in your hands within one week of your scheduled evaluation.

If we determine that you should go through the school to obtain necessary testing, we will provide you with a template to request the necessary testing at  no cost to you. Again, we really want to help you in supporting your child - regardless of what that support may look like.