Frequently Asked Questions


Navigating this complex world of education resources can be confusing. We want to answer some common questions for you here.

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What program do you use for intervention?

We don't have a specific program we use for every child as every child is unique and needs an individualized plan. However, we do use specific systematic, multisensory approaches for reading, writing, math, and executive functioning intervention.

For Reading - We use our Smart ALEC curriculum utilizing the SMARTER Intervention approach. This approach blends the Orton-Gillingham methodology with applied skills (vocabulary development, reading fluency, and reading comprehension) and engaging games in order to keep the sessions fun and make sure the skills are generalizing.

For Math - We use the Math-U-See curriculum that is specifically designed as a cumulative, systematic progression of skills that focuses on mastery in numeric operations and applied problem solving through word problems.

For Writing - We don't use a specific program for writing as we find the goals of our students vary widely. We pick specific activities and goals based on each individual students need.

For Executive Functioning - We use an independently designed program based on developing skills and strategies to support planning, organization, time management, task initiation, self-control, and more in a systematic and explicit fashion.

Will you come to my home?

We do not provide in-home therapy services. We provide therapy services at many local libraries, in our office, as well as online.

Does online therapy work?

Absolutely! Online therapy can be as effective as in person. Learn more about our online therapy program by clicking here.

Do you diagnose dyslexia?

Yes, we diagnose dyslexia using a complex battery of assessments. We will provide you with a comprehensive report including the ICD-10 code to qualify for 504 Plan services through the school or for programs such as Learning Ally that require a "medical diagnosis".

Do you diagnose Dysgraphia?

Yes, we diagnose dysgraphia using a complex battery of assessments. We will provide you with a comprehensive report regarding the findings within one week of your appointment.

Do you diagnose ADHD or Autism?

We do not diagnose ADHD, Autism, or specific speech language disorders but do have a wonderful referral network. Click here to get a list of other amazing providers in our community.

Which apps do you like?

We have so many, and of course the best apps will depend on the age and specific needs of your child/student.

Here are some favorites for Early Literacy:

Letter School - This is such a fun way to learn correct letter formation.

Starfall ABCs - This is a fun introductory app, I also love that it now has all the signs for visual phonics as well.

Starfall Learn to Read - I love the organization of this app and the division into the different vowel sounds and syllable types.

Reading Raven - This is a fun progressive app that teaches many of the core components to decoding.

BOB Books - Another way to access the tried and true "BOB" Book series.

Pocket Phonics - This is a wonderful app that incorporates letters and words at an individualized pace.

Short Vowel Word Study - A great spelling activity at the CVC stage with a solid background to teaching.

Here are some favorites for School Aged Literacy:

K12 Timed Reading and Comprehension - This is a great app for developing reading fluency.

Sight Words - A great customizable & FREE sight word app.

One Minute Reader - A wonderful reading fluency app by Read Naturally.

Brain Pop - This is a great app for building background knowledge to help support reading comprehension, they have great short videos about...well, just about everything!

Long Vowel Word Study - This is a wonderful follow-up to the Short Vowel Word Study for older children working on more complex spelling patterns in an app that organizes spelling levels in a systematic and sequential approach, how amazing!

Sight Word Ninja - Kids in my sessions love this app! Much like Fruit Ninja but with the added benefit of fun sight word practice.

Here are some favorites for Math:

Mathmateer - This is a fun game which allows you to build a rocket as you build math facts fluency.

Virtual Manipulatives - This is a great app for providing a more concrete visual to sometimes abstract mathematic terms.

Math Ninja - This is a great app, just like Fruit Ninja, but with the addition of educational value and math fluency practice.

Mod Math - This is a great free app for older students needing help organizing their math problems.