Research-Based Reading Intervention

It’s time to impact your struggling readers lives…

Without the overwhelm.


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Implementing research-based literacy intervention doesn’t have to be hard. There are 2 ways for educators and SLPs to work with us…


Your complete reading intervention training program + comprehensive done-for-you curriculum. Let us walk you through all the details of evidence based instruction (using the Orton-Gillingham approach). You will have access to everything you need to make it happen so you can create life-changing growth for your students in less than one-hour of planning per week.


Looking for training and materials to supplement your current literacy curriculum? We’ve got you covered with access to materials that align with the five core components of literacy to bring fun and engaging activities into your setting that will turn your students into your biggest fans. We’ve got you covered from pre-K through grade 5, so you can stop spending your time hunting for extra activities and resources and spend more of your time making a massive impact for your students.