Accommodations & Modifications Checklist

We are back for a new month of Freebie Fridays that will all be focused around Evaluations, understanding Evaluations, and using those test scores to their fullest. Sometimes you have a gold-mine of data and information in front of you and we want you to use those test results to their fullest!


Accomodations & Modifications Checklist.png

We have a list of accommodations and modifications for you. We know these are available all over the place, but what we've done with our list is put it together in a slightly different way. Sometimes it's difficult to know which accommodations or modifications are the best options. We want to be deliberate in which accommodations and modifications we are choosing and why. So this list is categorized by looking at a student's specific struggles and thinking about which accommodations best match those specific struggles.


This list of accommodations and modifications is organized by area of difficulty. Utilizing a child's evaluation results you can determine if a child has difficulty with language, fluid reasoning or problem solving, working memory, processing speed, reading, writing, math, or general grades/testing and choose the most appropriate accommodations and modifications from there!


Based on a child's individual areas of strength and weakness you can use the checklist to determine which accommodations or modifications may be the best fit for your student. No more choosing accommodations and modifications randomly or putting a huge list into your student's plan that won't be followed through to their fullest.


Oh rats, this freebie has expired.

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