Affix Deck

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As our students learn different suffixes and prefixes, we like to use this deck in a few different ways to check in and make sure our students are understanding and remembering the affixes that we have introduced. 


You can use this deck in a couple of different ways. 

Option 1: As you go through the deck, have your student read each affix and remind you what it means.  This will help you track pronunciation and understanding. 

Option 2: Provide the student with the definition.  He or she then needs to give you all of the affixes that fit that definition.  

Option 3: Use it as a game.  You can use this as a sorting game by having your student sort the affixes into prefixes vs. suffixes.  

Option 4: Take a root word and add the cards too it.  For example, if you have the word "bike" and you pull the suffixes "s," "ing," and "ful," have the student add each of the suffixes to the word.  Talk about which suffixes work, which don't, how the spelling of the word changes and how the suffixes change the meaning of the word. 

Use one or all of the options listed above to help review affixes with your student.  This extra practice will help solidify their knowledge of the affixes, and help them generalize their morphology rules.  

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