Ready-To-Go Center Activity for Teaching ar

This week we have been talking about how great centers can be for helping your students go deeper with literacy targets. 

Since it’s Freebie Friday, we wanted to give you one of our favorite center activities to use when you are teaching the Bossy R syllable type. This -ar center bundle is perfect for a Word Work center! 

 If you want to brush up on the Bossy R syllable type, click here.

In this center bundle, you are going to get an activity that helps students tap and blend ar words, some awesome phoneme manipulation activities that all reinforce the ar sound, an ar word list (perfect for the dice game!), and items that will stretch your reader from the word level to the sentence level – all using ar words! 

You can put out one of these activities each day at your Word Work center. Easy-peasy! 

Download and print our R-Controlled Go Fish game for another center, and Voila! You have two center rotations for your students to enjoy that will reinforce your Bossy R, ar phonogram learning targets this week! 

This sample activity has expired - however, you can find the FULL center activity here!

Corey Pollard2 Comments