Comprehension Strategies by Grade

Comprehension Strategies.png

Happy Freebie Friday! Following our March theme of Reading Comprehension, this week we are giving away our Comprehension by Grade Level Instructional Guide!


This list of strategies is broken down by grade level based on when it is appropriate to introduce new concepts.  While this indicates when concepts should be introduced, comprehension instruction should be done in a spiral and you should  review the concepts learned in previous grades.  For more information, check out our blog "Comprehension Instruction Should Be Done in a Spiral." 


If you have a student/students who are struggling to retain this information, you should incorporate more modeling into your explicit instruction. We also recommend making sure the student is using a text appropriate to their ability. You can still instruct the same concepts based on grade level, but alter the text to fit the students' needs. 

This resource has expired we will be launching a reading fluency and comprehension course where you can receive access to all these awesome materials soon. In the meantime, check out our TPT store, or join our community for exclusive access to all of our materials! 

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