COPS Writing Checklist

One of the skills we love working on with our students is writing. We do this in our OG lessons through sentence dictation (having them write a sentence that we have provided) and also through applied writing. Last week we shared a persuasive writing prompt following the outline we like to use helping students learn to plan out their writing in a very sequential format - we share monthly writing prompts with our members as well!

What we noticed is that often students struggled most with mechanics and that giving them a brief acronym such as COPS could make all the difference. We like students to "send out the COPS on their work" in order to check for:


Do we have them where they belong? Do we have them anywhere they don't belong? Many of our students are equally guilty of throwing capitals into the middle of a word especially when it is a strategy that they developed to help overcome B & D reversals.


Do we have appropriate spaces and good overall appearance? Or for older students, we may be more focused on the organization of the sentence structure.


Do we have any punctuation? Many of our students are guilty of omitting these formalities altogether. Do we have the appropriate punctuation? For more advanced students do we have appropriate commas and other non-ending punctuation?


Often our students with dyslexia really struggle here. What we like to know is not necessarily if they can correct all spelling errors, they may not have the ability to do that independently. But - can they identify where a spelling error may have occurred? Can they underline or find words they think may have an issue? To us, that is a huge step in self-monitoring for writing since we have a number of technologies that can actually help us with spelling itself.

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