Crazy Short Vowels

Crazy short vowels is a really fun activity for our younger readers or readers needing extra practice with short vowel sounds. We play this game similar to Crazy 8s but it can be adapted to make it work however you want to play!

Crazy short Vowels.png

Secret: We've been known to adapt this game for Go Fish.

For Crazy 8s you want to hand each player 8 cards face down. Then you flip the top card on the deck over and use that as your target card. Each player needs to take turns looking at his or her deck and matching a card to the target card based on a match of the vowel sound or the initial letter. Before a player can match a card from their hand to the target card they must say the vowel sound or initial letter sound. Now this card that has just been laid down becomes the target card. Once the player has matched a card, the next player gets a turn. If a player does not have a card that will match the target card, they must draw a card from the card pile until they have a match. You continue placing cards down until the first player runs out of cards. That player is the winner.

Again, anytime we can do something fun and engaging - it's a win. This is a great way to practice those tricky short vowel sounds!

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