Daily Life Binder

Happy, August! All month long we will be giving you tips and resources to help get ready for the new school year. Our first resource is our Daily Life Binder. 

This binder is a resource that has templates you can use to keep your children organized.  There is a morning routine, an afternoon routine, a homework checklist, chore guides, money tracker, and MORE! 

How We Use It 

We have provided you with an example of each of the different worksheets.  Use these to guide you in creating your own, but we encourage you to individualize these for your child! 

Different ages will require varying levels of support with this.  We recommend introducing this to your elementary school kiddos, but understanding that they may need your support and reminders to use it.  The pages are colorful and engaging, but they aren't "babyish" so this can also be used with older students.  

Teachers, if you have student's in your class that would benefit from routines and organizational support, this is a great resource for you to use as well! The morning and afternoon routines can be adapted to fit a classroom routine. 

If you have any questions, please jump on over to our Facebook Page and let us know!

Oh rats, this freebie has expired.

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