Dragons Love Tacos Receptive & Expressive Language Activities

It’s Friday and you know what that means! We have a Freebie for you! Today’s Freebie ties into our blog post all about Receptive and Expressive Language. If you haven’t seen the blog on Receptive and Expressive Language yet, check it here


Receptive language refers to the ability to understand information. It includes understanding the words, sentences, and meaning of what others say or what is read. 

Expressive language means being able to put thoughts into words and sentences, in a way that makes sense and is grammatically accurate.

This is a key topic part of Early Literacy Development because difficulty with one or both of these areas could signal a language disorder.

We are sharing activities in our Freebie today that support both Expressive and Receptive Language skills through sequencing, comprehension, following directions, and vocabulary use.


The first activity, Following Directions, uses direction cards and cards with our cute Dragons’ Love Tacos images on them. The task or direction cards will give simple directions such as ‘put the blue dragon next to the hot sauce’ or ‘put the sombrero on top of the pink dragon’.

Sequencing is the next activity and it will be helpful to read the story prior to this activity. Then, going back through the story (or from memory) ask the student to use the Sequencing Cards to re-tell or order the cards according to the story. Each card features a key event from the story. Using picture clues from the story can help with this activity. 

Comprehension and Vocabulary activities will also come after reading the story with your student. These are questions based on the story and words that were presented in the text. Students will be asked to select a card and answer a question from the story or to define a word that they heard during the reading.  


If vocabulary words are difficult for your student, consider using our Vocabulary Graphic Organizer to help them organize their thinking with the vocabulary words.

All activities may require modeling and a gradual release of responsibility as students become more comfortable with the activity and gain skills while using it.


Oh nuts! This freebie is expired - but you can still get access to the entire Story Book unit by clicking here!

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