Easy to Follow Visual Charts


Happy Freebie Friday! Whether you are a new visitor or check in every week for new resources, we are excited you are here! This week, our free resource is one that has proven helpful in our own homes and we hope that you will love it too! 


This week's Executive Functioning based freebie is our Visual Charts! We have found that our own kids really love using these charts and they have made a huge difference in our home organization. 


The download below includes a variety of tasks and pictures so that you can customize our chart to fit the needs of your child. We have included pictures on the cards for younger children and struggling readers, and cards with just words for older students. There is a morning routine, afternoon/night routine, and chore chart options, as well as a blank card for you to put personalized tasks.  Once assembled, walk through it once with your child so they can understand what each task entails.  Then, each day, they should work on completing their chart until every task is complete. 


  1. You will need cardstock or construction paper of some sort.  You can adjust this to fit your needs (we recommend something more durable for our younger kiddos). 

  2. Print and cut out the cards that you need.  

  3. Fold the paper almost in half (you want an extra inch or so left over at the top). 

  4. Glue the picture above the fold in the order you want them completed. 

  5. Cut the bottom fold so that each picture has a flap that can be folded up to cover it. 

  6. (Optional) on the inside of each flap, add a time constraint or day of the week in which the task should be completed). 

  7. Use either velcro or a magnet so that each flap can be secured shut after the task is complete. 

  8. Write done on the back of each flap. 

  9. Put it somewhere where your kids can remember it.  Some people like to fasten it to the wall while others prefer to have them remain portable. 

  10. Adjust any of these steps as necessary to fit your family's needs! You can also make multiple charts for different times of day (i.e. a morning chart and a night chart). 


Sad day, this resource has expired!

But fret not, you can get access to ALL of our Executive Functioning resources.

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