Evidence Based Reading Intervention Checklist

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Happy Freebie Friday, everybody!

If you have been following along with our freebies and blogs for the last several weeks, you will know that we have been talking all about how to work SMARTER.

In other words, how to do Literacy Intervention in a way that is Systematic, Multi-sensory, Applied, Research-Based, Targeted, Explicit and Realistic.

This week’s freebie was built to help you understand “research-based” instruction.

As interventionists, teachers, SLPs, educators, and parents, I am sure we have heard that the materials our kids are using need to be “evidence-based.” Without a true and valid scientific backing, there is no guarantee that a program is going to deliver results.

Unfortunately, there is a lot out there in terms of reading intervention that isn’t actually supported by science. That is why we want to give you this checklist. By using this resource, you can help ensure that the instruction you are providing is actually supported by research.

How it works:

We have compiled a list of criteria necessary to call something “evidence-based.” Whenever you are reviewing a reading curriculum or program, you want to make sure that it meets each of these.

If you go through the checklist and the program meets all of the criteria, then you can be confident that you have found a good program. If components are missing, this should be a red flag to you and you may need to look for something new.

To read more about what research supports regarding literacy instruction, click here.

Limited Time:

This checklist will only be available until Thursday, February 14th. After that, we will be posting a new free resource!