Explicit Instruction From the Beginning

So this week we are super excited to share our tips on what Explicit Instruction really looks like. Earlier this week we talked about why your instruction isn’t working….(hint: it may be because the programs or resources you are using are not explicitly teaching concepts). Check it out over here! You can also watch a fun video of Mikayla teaching Ryan a new concept.

Today we wanted to share another tip with you that you can use to explicitly teach concepts to your younger students. We get a lot of questions from people asking what this looks like to make sure we are setting appropriate literacy foundations from the very beginning with explicit teaching. Essentially, we are always working to explicitly teach each of the letters and letter sounds. It’s best when you can begin with this instruction early on. You want to pair letter with sound, begin work on blending, begin orthography instruction (recognizing the letter in multiple different formats or fonts) and begin to isolate sounds with that letter.

You can also use this same approach to teach older students who have a broken phonetic code. We recommend that all Kindergarten students start with this level of explicit instruction starting at the very beginning.

So if you teach younger or more impacted students and want an idea of what explicit teaching looks like for your pre-Kindergarten through first grade students - grab this resource at our TPT store!

Corey PollardComment