Getting Started with Structured Literacy Guide

There’s a lot to Structured Literacy…it can be overwhelming trying to get it all pulled together between trying to remember what materials you need to trying to remember what order you are trying to teach the skills.

Wait…what is structured literacy?

If you find yourself asking yourself this question, you are not alone! Check out our blog post on What a Structured Literacy lesson actually looks like.

This type of instruction is ideal for a small group setting - special educators, speech language pathologists, and reading interventionists can implement this type of system into their small group settings and massively change the results for their struggling readers.

But getting started with this type of instruction can be challenging. We’ve broken down some of the key things you will want to consider as you get started with Structured Literacy in this week’s resource!

Specifically the key components of Structured Literacy:

Systematic, Cumulative, Structured, and Data-Driven Lessons

We give a quick break down the use of

Assessments in your literacy intervention

We list out the

Must Have Materials for your literacy intervention

We break down the

Structure of a Structured Literacy Lesson

We show you our

Scope & Sequence (Order) of Instruction

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