How to Build the Perfect Jenga Tower of Reading Skills

How to build the perfect jenga tower.jpg

Earlier this week, we took a look at the fact that the Jenga Tower is symbolic of the reading skills or the foundation of reading strategies that a student possesses. Each block that is carefully and strategically placed, represents a specific skill that contributes to a student’s overall reading proficiency.  If you missed our blog on how learning to read is like playing Jenga, you can find it here!

Like the Jenga Tower, if there are too many holes in the base or foundation of the tower – it will eventually collapse. 

Today, our Freebie gives you some instructional insight to building a solid, colorful tower for your students. Use this tool to increase your knowledge about how we build a strong foundation of reading strategies for our fragile readers.

Oh rats!! This freebie has expired. But don’t worry you can still grab another amazing freebie by clicking here!

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