Intervention Materials Checklist

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If you are like me, I need a check list to keep myself organized! This week we have been talking about how to organize your intervention materials. If you haven't read this week's blog post yet, you can check it out here! Here is a checklist of all of the things you would want to use with a SMARTER Intervention lesson. If you are in a school setting (classroom or intervention), one lesson could last a week. This checklist can be used weekly.

You can use this as a quick check to make sure your supply box is stocked, and that you have all of the copies you need for the week’s target phonogram lesson.

This check list will help you remember to pull in additional activities, games, and fluency passages if you need to differentiate for your learners.

One of the many reasons I love using SMARTER Intervention lessons is because the prep work is all done for you! This makes it so easy to use these resources for small group instruction in the classroom or in a small group pull-out intervention setting.

Oh rats, this freebie has expired.

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