Is a Side Hustle for Me?

Hey there, friends!

We hear it ALL of the time. “I could never run my own business. I don’t have a background in that. I’m just a teacher.”

First of all - “just a teacher?!” That’s not an acceptable statement to us. You are AMAZING and we want to hear you start talking like it!

Second of all - when we started this business, we didn’t have a background either. What we did have was a passion for helping students/educators and a determination to make this work. Trust us, if we could do it - you can to.

But, we remember feeling unsure. We remember asking “is this for me?” and “can I actually do this?” (We are human after all). So, we put together this quiz to help you decide if this really is for you.

Click here to download our quiz.

If you decide that this side hustle thing is for you and you are interested in running summer groups this summer (it’s the best thing you could do!) we would love to help you get started. Click here to learn more.

Mikayla StoreyComment