Middle School Reading Comprehension Resource

I love using this K-W-L chart with my middle school and high school students because it is concrete and organized and at the same time gets them right into active reader mode.

Middle School Reading Comprehension Strategy.png

The first thing I ask all my students to do when reading a passage or newspaper article is to warm-up their brain by thinking about what they already know.  This is a great way to turn on their brain so they don’t fall into the trap of reading multiple paragraphs or even pages without realizing what they are reading.  Using the K column in the KWL chart makes this a concrete step that students can refer back to.

Second, the W column keeps the student actively reading by having them write down questions as they pop-up in their reading.  For our struggling readers this is also a good way to break up the reading and get their ideas and questions out.

Last, the L column gives students a place to summarize and review what they have learned from their reading. 

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