Multisensory Instruction Anchor Cards

If you missed our post about our Misunderstanding of Multisensory Instruction, you should absolutely go back and check it out here! Now that we are all clear on what Multisensory instruction really is…we wanted to provide a resource that would help you utilize multisensory instruction in a systematic framework. Hopefully you caught our last blog on systematic framework! If not, you can check that one out over here.

This week our Freebie is a set of cards that you can use to help students retain letter sounds (orthographic patterns). There are tons of different ways you can use these cards but we recommend the following:

1. Trace the letter

While tracing the letter you may want to consider using a tactile grid behind the word and tracing in crayon to provide a tactile experience. One the letter is traced you can have the student use their fingers to trace the letter while saying the letter name and sound out loud (if this is confusing, because things get confusing when written out - you can check out our Multisensory blog for a video).

2. Use the dotted lines to write the letter

On the next line have the student write the letter or letter group while stating the sound.

3. Use the open box to support kinesthetic or visual learning

You can have the student draw a picture of a keyword with the sound or if you want to get creative to get that added engagement you could consider having the students use Play-doh or wiki sticks/pipe cleaners to make the letter. This can really be used in whatever way you like to help your students retain the letter sounds.

As always, this is just one resource you can use if letter patterns aren’t sticking for your struggling students! If you’re ready to get this resource for FREE, you can find it here! Remember, this Freebie will only be available for one week, so make sure you grab it before it’s gone!

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