Persuasive Essay Writing Prompt

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Ah, Writing! This can often be the hardest piece to the puzzle.  Just think of how much we are asking our kiddos to do.  From thinking about the prompt to organizing their thoughts, to constructing a sentence,  to organizing the sentences into a paragraph or more, and then finally editing.  This is a tall order to ask even if you don't have a learning disability, but for our students, this is particularly difficult and needs to be broken down into small manageable parts.

With our writing prompts, we chunk this very large task into bite-size pieces.  With today's Freebie Friday resource we are giving you our persuasive writing prompt.  In this step by step guide, we show students how to brainstorm their ideas, organize what they have brainstormed, create their introduction and conclusion, write a rough draft and utilize the C.O.P.S. editing strategy.  

As an Intervention Insider, you have access to loads of writing prompts and reading comprehension activities to support what you are doing in the classroom.  So if you like this resource you know you can find more where it came from!  

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