Phoneme Segmenting

We hope you have loved all of our February Freebies!

Over the last month, we have talked a lot about the importance of phonological awareness for all ages.  If you haven't had a chance to read the blogs from this month, you can click below to catch up! 

Since this is the last week of our Phonological Awareness themed month, we are giving you one of our favorite resources! This week's Freebie Friday giveaway is our Intermediate Phoneme Segmenting Practice! 


We practice phonological awareness in every lesson with our students.  These cards can make it more engaging because our kids like the pictures. Have the student put a colored dot in the grid for each sound.  In the picture, the word is kick.  There are 3 colored dots because the sounds are /k/ /i/ /k/. 

Phoneme Segmenting

As your students grow in this area, you can start asking them to manipulate the phonemes.  For example, after they have completed kick, you can say "change the last sound in kick to /d/.  They should exchange their last colored chip for a different one and have /k/ /i/ /d/.  The new word is kid.  

You can also use this resource for spelling practice as well.  When the student has broken the words into phonemes ask them to spell it.  In the example above, we know that the final /k/ sound will be a -ck because it follows a short vowel sound and this is a one syllable word.  

Closed Syllable Segmenting

We have also included our Closed Syllable Spelling Rule cards so that you can use this resource as a sorting game.  Ask your students to sort the words based on their last sound. 



Phoneme segmenting can be really tricky for our struggling readers.  While we often have them tap out their sounds when reading, in this activity we like to use a visual cue (the colored dots) to help them.  If you do not have dots like these, you can use a variety of other resources.  Often we will see teachers/interventionists use blocks like these. If you do not have colored dots/blocks, we encourage you to get creative! One day when I had forgotten to bring my dots I used colored paper clips and the student loved it. 


Oh nuts! This freebie has expired. Not to worry, we have a different awesome freebie you can grab for this week.

In other exciting news, we had you all vote on our Facebook and Instagram pages last week about what theme you would like to see for March! We had a tie between Reading Comprehension and Writing Resources so we have decided to do both! March will be all about reading comprehension and we will focus on writing in April. 

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