Race and Read Blends - Keeping Students Motivated

So we all know that sometimes certain skills just don't stick for kids. They need tons of additional practice and sometimes finding the material to keep practicing can get daunting. What I realized early on in my intervention career was that for whatever reason games just did not get old.

While I couldn't keep giving a kiddo word list after word list with the same concept without hearing the moans and groans of a frustrated student, they were absolutely happy to review with a game over and over.

This allowed me to get in the repeated practice that I knew was necessary in order to really solidify the skill. This is just an example we wanted to provide for you of how you can make your session more engaging. You don't even need to have words typed onto a game board to make this fun.

You can just get a generic game board and write your words you want to practice on colored index cards that correlate with specific colors on the board and use the game board to keep your student motivated. It's all about being creative.

We wanted to include our blends game this week because blends themselves can be a very tricky concept for students with poor phonological memory (they have difficulty holding all the sounds in their mind and by the time they have remembered what each of the letters say they have forgotten all of the other letters).

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