How To Make an Extra $3,000 This Summer + Editable Revenue Calculator

Hey friends,

If you caught our blog this week,you know that we discussed 3 ways teachers can make some extra income this summer. If you haven’t checked that blog out yet, you can find it here.

In the blog we talked about part time jobs, MLM campaigns, and running your own summer groups/educational tutoring sessions. Today, we want to dive a bit further into the idea of running a summer program yourself.

Now we hear it from teachers all the time…

“ I know I can teach, but I have no idea how I would turn that into my own business! I have no experience in business.”

…and our response to each of them?

Neither did we.

You don’t need to go back to school and get an MBA in order to turn your teaching skills into a profitable (and totally worthwhile) side hustle.

Click here for a breakdown of how you can make your first $3,000 this summer with either summer groups or 1:1 tutoring/intervention sessions. This is the same breakdown we used when we were starting out (without a fancy business degree!) so we know that this can work for you too. It even has an editable section where you can adjust the numbers for yourself if you want to dream bigger than $3,000 😉

If you want a more in depth guide to making extra money this summer, check out our FREE online workshop “5 Steps to Starting Your Summer Side Hustle” coming up on April 23rd. Sign up here.