Rhyme Discrimination and Production Activities

Happy Freebie Friday! Keeping with February's theme, Phonological Awareness, our new Freebie is a Rhyming Activity! 


This week's freebie has both rhyme discrimination and rhyme production pieces making it great for all of your students. Those that are struggling with Phonological Awareness will benefit from the rhyme discrimination portion.  We have included both pictures and words to help individualize the level of instruction. You can even play this as a game to increase the child's engagement.  Use the sorting chart and have students sort the cards into either "yes they rhyme" or "no, they don't rhyme" groups. 

If you are looking for an activity that focuses more on Orthography, the rhyme production portion will be perfect.  The student receives either a picture or a word and is asked to come up with a word that rhymes. 


We know that our dyslexic students often struggle with rhyming.  This is a skill that needs to be monitored and sometimes explicitly taught.  For a tip on how to teach rhyming to your students that struggle with it, check out our blog: What to do When Your Student Can't Hear the Rhyme. 

Rhyme Activities

Something else we have noticed is that often our kids will see the pictures and mistake it for another word.  For example, on our card intended to be "ant, plant" a student might say "bug, plant."  If the child says this, then go ahead and sort it into the "no, they don't rhyme" category.  Then you can say, "what if we said ant, plant, do those rhyme?" and redirect the attention back to what the card was intended to be. You can also say, "what is the name of the bug that rhymes with plant?" for students who you feel like would benefit from rhyme production practice as well.  If your student is not at that level yet, then feel free to go with their original idea, "bug, plant" and sort that into the no category. 


Oh man! This freebie is expired, but don't worry we have tons of other awesome stuff coming your way. See what we have on tap for this week!

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