SMARTER Framework

So what exactly does research-based literacy intervention look like?

It can be difficult to keep track of #allthethings and sometimes there can be a lot of ambiguity in what evidence based practice really looks like for literacy and what needs to be included. You can check out our blog from earlier this week to see what SMARTER is all about. But we also wanted to give additional background information on each of the key components.

This week’s toolkit is an overview of everything that needs to be worked into truly effective literacy instruction. And the great thing is - we aren’t going to leave you hanging , we love talking about all of this and so for the next few weeks we’re going to be bringing you resources including our scope and sequence, a fun way to make literacy multisensory and engaging without the mess, our tips and concrete resources to applying #allthethings, an awesome interview on analyzing the research behind what you’re doing, our progress monitoring and data analysis tips to keep things targeted, some cute videos, and encouragement that even if you aren’t doing #allthethings, you are still doing amazing life-changing work.

So stick with us over the next several weeks where we will be bringing all of this to you. But definitely start here by downloading this week’s SMARTER Intervention Toolkit!

Corey PollardComment