Syllable and Sentence Segmenting!

Syllable and sentence segmenting are crucial strategies to help our students become better readers and writers.  

We start by teaching them how to segment their sentences into words so they can discriminate between the individual pieces.  While this skill may seem easy, it can be a struggle for some of our struggling readers.  Think about when you are hearing someone speak in an unfamiliar language.  It can be really difficult to hear where one word stops and another begins.  

As students advance in this skill, syllable segmenting should be introduced.  The ability to break words into syllables will help your child decode the words, therefore helping them read and spell.  

Our freebie this week is designed to enhance your segmenting instruction! We have put together our Syllable and Sentence Segmenting game to make this topic fun and engaging for students.  


We know that every classroom is going to have readers that are at varying levels.  That is why this game can be differentiated to fit the needs of your students.  Your most advanced students can be breaking up multisyllable words into individual syllables, while your struggling students can start with the sentence segmenting.  


Sentence segmenting is explicitly instructed in our beginner curriculum.  This game is a great addition because it creates engagement and allows us to practice these skills with our students in a more exciting way.  Our students working through our intermediate curriculum are explicitly taught syllable division, so the syllable segmenting half of the game is a great addition to our lessons.  If our students are struggling in either area, we will use this game to help enhance our lessons and instruction. 


This skill can be really tricky for our kids, especially those that are struggling.  In the free download we have provided pages with blank white squares.  We use these and colored game chips to help our students keep track of the different words and syllables. The visual cue can help them make the connects we are trying to build. 


This freebie has expired, but don't worry - we have lots of other awesome free stuff for you. Check out this week's freebie here!  If you are looking for more resources to support your Phonological Awareness instruction, you can check back next week for another freebie! You can also check out our Teachers Pay Teachers Store, or become an Intervention Insiders Community Member for access to all of our resources. 

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