Syllable Division Strategy - Rabbit Words

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Syllabication is a really fancy term that just means dividing a word into syllables. However, while many people are familiar with the idea of breaking a word into syllables by clapping out the word, far fewer are familiar with the idea of dividing a word into syllables based on the structure of the word.

WHY!?! -

Okay yes, valid question. One of the more well known reasons is that it helps break words that seem impossible into manageable chunks. But another less known reason is that dividing words into syllables in order to help students predict the vowel sounds which are often the most difficult for struggling readers.

Knowing where to divide the word is of critical importance however in predicting the vowel sounds. The most common syllable division pattern that we always teach first is the Rabbit rule. All of our syllable division strategies require two steps: identify the vowels and then use the appropriate division strategy. For this rule:


Spot and dot your vowels.


Divide between the consonants.

Often our students need a lot of support with these syllable division strategies so we have a number of games we like to play with them to keep this fun and engaging. Try out our Rabbit Division game and let us know what you think!

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