Syllable Type Sort

One of our favorite activities to complete with students is the syllable type sort. There are tons of fun ways to adapt this game/activity in order to determine not only if your student can decode words - but also whether they can match the word to its syllable type.


1. If a student can match a word to a syllable type, they have a greater understanding of the "why" of our language and will likely be able to generalize the skill better to other less familiar words.

2. If a student can match a word to a syllable type, they generally have a much higher likelihood of being able to spell that word correctly.


I always play this game as a quick warm-up with my students. I first ask them to identify all the syllable types they know. While identifying each syllable type I pull out the corresponding card. Next, I take turns picking teams with my student, or if I have a group I let each child pick a syllable type team and put the remaining cards in my pile. Every student should be able to see all the cards as they will need to sort word cards into their syllable type. I typically set my timer between 3-5 minutes as this game is meant to be a super quick review of past concepts. Everyone takes turns drawing a card and reading the word then sorting by syllable type. At the end of the game, the player with the most word cards wins!

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