Syllable Type Sort

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Happy Friday everyone! I’m really excited to share this Freebie with you all today! Earlier this week we were talking about how to systematically review previously learned material. If you miss that blog, you can check it out here!

Today I’m sharing a great game that is perfect for reviewing concepts you’ve already learned about! It’s call Syllable Type Sort. The basic concept of the game is that each person picks a “team” (a.k.a. a syllable type) and then take turns reading and sorting words for 3 minutes (you could set this for any length of time, though!). At the end of the time, whoever has the most cards in their “team” wins!

You can add in the syllable types that you’re students have already worked on, or you can play with all the syllable types! One thing I love is that each syllable type has examples for all the spelling rules you’ve covered. There are also blank cards for you to write any additional words you might want to throw in!

Oh rats!! This freebie has expired, but don’t worry you can get access to tons of free resources just like this by joining our Intervention Insiders Membership Site or you can grab this resource on our TPT store over here: Syllable Type Sort

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